GOATS Fight Fire in Chevy Chase!

Goats released into Chevy Chase Canyon in Glendale California so they can eat away the fire prone underbrush.

They came to our hillsides, hundreds of them, mostly goats with a few sheep and guard dogs, and of course a shepherd.  Ventura Brush Goats brought them.  The goats mission, strip away the deadly wildfire fuel scrub-brush.  Their reward, an all you can eat vegetarian banquet.

Goats released into Chevy Chase Canyon in Glendale California so they can eat away the fire prone underbrush.

Watch below, the goat herd in action!

The City of Glendale, Patty Mundo, ace fire inspector and vegetation management specialist, CCEA director Leticia Gonzalez, Ken Batchelor, and many others made this brush clearance the-natural-way event possible.  Huge thanks from everybody in our canyon.  Wildfire safety is paramount in Chevy Chase.

Photos below.  See the goats AND all the people who were part of this amazing canyon event including the Bleat & Greet party hosted by Glendale Fire and Police.

Chevy Chase Canyon Food Truck Party

Chevy Chase Canyon, Glendale, CA, Food Truck Party

Party on the Green Blowout!   Photos and Video.

 Almost 500 canyon families, friends, and neighbors celebrated at the annual Chevy Chase Canyon Food Truck party hosted by the Chevy Chase Country Club and the Chevy Chase Estates Association. It was a beautiful May day out on the spectacular picturesque canyon golf course featuring food trucks, bounce houses, and the Happiness Band. It was a blast!

Check out the video… 

…and the huge photo gallery with lots of familiar faces. 

(top right arrows for large pics)

Monarch Butterfly Waystation Event Photos

Emerald Island Park is now an official milkweed feeding and resting stop for migrating monarch butterflies. 

Monarch ButterflyThe Waystation was created and milkweed planted by the Chevy Chase Estates Garden Club.   This effort, a year in the making, was spearheaded by CCEA Director Leticia Gonzalez, as a tribute and in memory of Mary Betlach, past President of Chevy Chase Estates Garden Club, who was a passionate advocate to save the Monarch Butterfly.  Event photos below!  Click on arrow top right for full screen viewing.

Each fall, hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies migrate from the United States and Canada to mountains in central Mexico where they wait out the winter until conditions favor a return flight in the spring. The monarch migration is truly one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, yet it is threatened by habitat loss at overwintering grounds in Mexico and throughout breeding areas in the United States and Canada. Monarch Waystations are places that provide resources necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. Without milkweeds throughout their spring and summer breeding areas in North America, monarchs would not be able to produce the successive generations that culminate in the migration each fall. Similarly, without nectar from flowers these fall migratory monarch butterflies would be unable to make their long journey to overwintering grounds in Mexico. The need for host plants for larvae and energy sources for adults applies to all monarch and butterfly populations around the world.

Party, Party, Party!

food truck banner 1024

Party This Sunday, 5/19, 3-7pm

– All Canyon Families Invited –

Free tickets HERE!

Food Truck festival poster

The Chevy Chase Estates Association has again teamed with The Chevy Chase Country Club to throw a party for all canyon residents Sunday, May 19th, from 3 to 7 pm, at the jewel-of-our-canyon golf course.  There will be a live band, dancing, food trucks, a beer garden, a bounce house, and kid games galore.  Come party with your friends and neighbors.

Large crowds expected and free tickets are first come first serve.  Please help with parking; consider walking, biking, or carpooling.

Reserve your free tickets here!  First come, first serve.

Sycamore Canyon Saved Forever!

Sycamore canyon by the numbers

Wildlife Habitat Forever Protected in Chevy Chase Canyon

10 acres of pristine Sycamore Canyon in the heart of Chevy Chase Canyon has been acquired as a permanent wildlife migration corridor by The Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy.   Read and see the AFC’s story below.

Sycamore canyon photos

“This time last year, The Arroyo & Foothills Conservancy asked you to help us pursue the purchase of Sycamore Canyon – ten acres of open space habitat in Glendale, and THE critical connector for wildlife passage through the San Rafael Hills. Hundreds of you stepped up to donate, visit, and advocate for the permanent preservation of this property. We’re so grateful for everything you did – and it made a huge difference.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that, driven by your support and commitment, AFC has been awarded a grant of $1.023 million by the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) to acquire and permanently conserve Sycamore Canyon as natural habitat for wildlife.


Back in 2013, we began surveying these 10 acres in Glendale for potential wildlife usage. Through camera research, ecological studies, GIS mapping, and community canvassing, we identified Sycamore Canyon as one of the most critical wildlife passage routes across Chevy Chase Drive.

With this grant we can take decisive action to protect this corridor that serves as a lifeline for many species, including mule deer, coyotes, black bears, and bobcats. Additionally, saving and restoring the native habitat of Sycamore Canyon will preserve the oak woodland, chaparral, and riparian habitats along the canyon’s seasonal steam, and protect this precious habitat, in perpetuity, for pollinators, birds, herpetofauna, and wildlife of all sizes.

In addition to the generous grant from CNRA, the support from so many local residents, conservationists, Chevy Chase Estates Association, and the City of Glendale, has been instrumental in our ability to pursue this project. 265 of our community members toured Sycamore to understand its value for wildlife, and hundreds more donated to our fundraising campaign.”

Up next, the gathering of Chevy Chase neighbors into a community of Sycamore Canyon land stewards.  Stay tuned.

Sycamore canyon

Support AFC

Chevy Chase Canyon History Book

History of the Chevy Chase Estates Association, And the Community It Serves

by Jerry McKee, with contributions from canyon residents.

A lovingly compiled history of the Chevy Chase Canyon in Glendale, CA, highlights the years just before1925 to the present day.  From an occasional Native American encampment, to Spanish sheep pastures, to the private hunting preserve of the famous Doheny family, it was the vision of Bert Farrar that was to transform the canyon into the idyllic natural sanctuary community it is today.  But almost from the beginning this idyllic community vision came under attack.  Thus the Chevy Chase Estates Association – the oldest association of homeowners in California – was formed to fight for and preserve this unique canyon sanctuary.  This book details all the calamities and battles mostly won by the canyon residents.  From filling the canyon as a garbage dump to running a freeway down its center, this is a fascinating story of what a community can do.

86 pages with historical photos.

$8 and free shipping in the USA!

We make not a penny on this book but offer it as a service to our community.

City Council Candidate Forum

Come Hear the Candidates!

All Welcome – Chevy Chase and Glenoaks Canyons

Wednesday February 7th at 7 pm

Chevy Chase Country Club

Glendale CA City Council Candidates 2024

A historic first, Glenoaks Canyon Homeowners Association is tag teaming with Chevy Chase Estates Association to host the 2024 Glendale City Council Candidate Forum.  Come one and come all to hear the candidates answer questions and make their case to voters. The evening kicks off at 6:30 with a social half/hour followed by the main event at 7.  Or make it a night to remember by starting early dining at the Chevy Chase Country Club’s wonderful The Sycamore Restaurant!  https://www.chevychasecc.com/the-sycamore-restaurant

As Seen on TV NewsI

KCAL CBS featured a story on wildfire fire safety starring Patty Mundo, Inspector at the Glendale Fire Department, and Palma, Vincenti, canyon resident and a director on the board of the Chevy Chase Estates Association.  Both Palma and Patty have been huge advocates of brush clearance and wildfire safety here in our canyon.  Catch their segment here.

Chevy Chase Brush Clearance Day 2022

Back on august 2022, with the help of Glendale Fire, The California Conservation Corps, The Glendale Youth Alliance, your neighbors and CCEA board members, we wacked that fire-fuel brush way, way back.  Thanks to Glendale for sponsoring this proactive community wildfire prevention day.

Ice Cream Social Photos

On a warm Saturday afternoon in October the CCEA hosted an ice cream social at our canyon library and fire station.  Fun was had by all.  Photos here!