As Seen on TV NewsI

KCAL CBS featured a story on wildfire fire safety starring Patty Mundo, Inspector at the Glendale Fire Department, and Palma, Vincenti, canyon resident and a director on the board of the Chevy Chase Estates Association.  Both Palma and Patty have been huge advocates of brush clearance and wildfire safety here in our canyon.  Catch their segment here.

Chevy Chase Brush Clearance Day 2022

Back on august 2022, with the help of Glendale Fire, The California Conservation Corps, The Glendale Youth Alliance, your neighbors and CCEA board members, we wacked that fire-fuel brush way, way back.  Thanks to Glendale for sponsoring this proactive community wildfire prevention day.

Ice Cream Social Photos

On a warm Saturday afternoon in October the CCEA hosted an ice cream social at our canyon library and fire station.  Fun was had by all.  Photos here!


Family Fun at the CCEA Ice Cream Social…

and a tour of the Chevy Chase Bat Cave, also known as our Canyon Fire Station.  Saturday,  October 14, 12pm, at the Chevy Chase Library.

And there’s more!  There will be sign ups for a brand-new program at our library where you get library access when you want, you choose.  Get your very own, personal, library backstage pass.

Ice Cream Social

Historic Districts Under Fire

REMINDER: Historic District Ordinance

Returns to Council October 10

An important preservation practice is at a turning point. Elen Asatryan continues her attack on historic districts, even though for over 15 years opposition to the existing historic districts has been minimal.

On Tuesday, October 10, two versions of a revised historic district ordinance return to the City Council for a final vote. One would keep the petition threshold at a simple majority (50% +1) while another would increase it to a super majority (67%). Increasing to a super majority is likely to negatively impact the number of future proposed districts and slow the process of historic district creation.

Historic districts are essential to preserving the character of Glendale’s neighborhoods, whether in south or north Glendale.

Please: Attend or call in on October 10 to let Council know how important historic districts are. The call-in number is 818-937-8100 and the Agenda Item is #7b. The meeting can be viewed here to know when to place your call. The meeting begins at 6:00 but this item will be later in the agenda, so come on down!

Before October 10, please email City Council members with your support of the current 50% plus 1 requirement.

CC the City Clerk:

Let’s make sure City Council knows how important districts are to TGHS members and other Glendale residents.

Earthquake faults, Floods, and Landslides Mapped!

Environmental Hazards

Find the potential hazards that may threaten your home!

The City of Glendale has published “Specialty Maps” which includes a city map detailing Environmental Hazards including earthquake faults, blue line streams, dam inundation zones, and landslide-prone areas.  Click on the map to pull up the entire city Pdf map which one can zoom into to close enough to feature your own lot.  Note: Fire hazards not mapped.

Map of Chevy Chase Canyon, Glendale, CA environmental hazards.

Glendale Community Police Academy

Glendale PD is now accepting applications for our 2023 Community Police Academy!

The Community Academy is a 10 week program held by the Glendale Police Department where participants are instructed in the many facets of law enforcement. There will be presentations by members of law enforcement, police officers, detectives and civilian employees.

Police academyDownload  Application Here

editor’s note – “Taking this course is best thing I’ve done, highly recommended”

Buckingham’s Night Out Neighborhood Shindig Photos

Pride of Buckingham National Night Out potluck neighborhood party in Glendale, CA.

The canyon’s Pride of Buckingham neighbors held a potluck block party to celebrate and honor the annual National Night Out.  It was a Chevy Chase blast.

And, there were celebrities galore.  The Mayor of Glendale, Dan Brotman, Glendale’s finest GPD, and Glendale Fire straight out of the bat cave, all joined in with the food and festivities.  A huge thanks to the Pride of Buckingham for hosting a party that does our Chevy Chase Canyon proud, and a shout-out to the National Night Out organization for their inspiration.

See all 70 photos below.  Click on the arrows upper right for a full-sized view!

Greedy Garbage Grab

3875 Garbage rate hike

On Tuesday, June 6, 6:00 pm the Glendale City Council will vote on jacking up your garbage collection rates by an outrageous 387 percent.  But it gets worse, the city council rulers have made it virtually impossible to comment on or protest their greedy rate hike.  Please read the following and make your voices heard.

The City of Glendale just released a second version of the PROPOSED INCREASE OF SOLID WASTE RATES. On January 10, 2023 The Council withdrew the first version & indicated that all protests & suggestions would be taken into consideration in drafting the revised proposal.  This did not happen; in fact, the City of Glendale doubled-down.


City officials claim the rate is justified because there have been no rate increases in 12 years. However the California Consumer Price Index has risen only 42% in the last 12 years.

Unless “A MAJORITY OF GLENDALE HOMEOWNERS” protest, Glendale’s solid waste rates will almost QUADRUPLE (387%) over the next 4 years:

Date of Increase                 New Rate as a Percentage of 2023 Rate

  • 7/1/2023                                                      176%

  • 7/1/2024                                                      256%

  • 7/1/2025                                                      320%

  • 7/1/2026                                                      352%

  • 7/1/2027                                                      387%

All Glendale Homeowners: Please take the time to file a protest in order to stop this proposed quadrupling of YOUR Glendale solid waste rates.

How to Protest The Proposed Rate Increase:

Written protests regarding the proposed new solid waste rate increase may be mailed to: City of Glendale, City Clerk, 613 E. Broadway, Room 110, Glendale, California 91206. Written protests may also be personally delivered to the City Clerk at this address. To be valid, a protest must be in writing and received (not postmarked) by the City Clerk prior to the close of the Public Hearing on June 6, 2023. Oral, telephonic and e-mail protests will not be accepted. Because an original signature is required, emailed, faxed and photocopied protests will not be counted. Oral comments provided at the Public Hearing will not qualify as a formal protest unless accompanied by a written protest.

In order for a formal protest to be valid, it must contain the following:

  • Be in writing

  • Received by the City Clerk before the June 6 hearing

  • Contain parcel(s) description with the APN (Assessor Parcel Number)

  • Property address

  • Statement protesting the rate increase

  • Name and signature of property owner or rate payer

  • And mailed or delivered in person to 613 E Broadway Room 110, Glendale, CA 91206

In addition to a written protest, please attend and protest to the City Council in person. The public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6, 6:00 pm at the City Council Chamber, 613 East Broadway.

Richard Lee, Glendale