4000 Bouquete Street


House #1

A few years back the CCEA helped mediate a neighborhood dispute involving the building of a new home at 4000 Bouquete Street up at the top of Sheridan.  I believe Bill had the honor to attend the neighborhood meetings.  It became clear after several meetings there were no justifications to oppose the home, and the project was ok’d by the DRB.  Ed Hagobian was the architect and this is how the home was envisioned.  Note the large retaining wall behind the home.  Click on any image to view full sized.

A few days ago I received a call from Verj Aintablian, the owner building the house at 4000 Bouquete.  He was reaching out to the CCEA hoping we could help him with an “issue”.  A day later I received a letter from Vreg’s lawyer again seeking help from the CCEA.

I met Verj at his job site where he guided me around and told me his story.  I took a bunch of photos because this is something that must be seen to be believed.  Again click on any photo to see full sized.

These are photos at the 4000 Bouquete construction.  Note the massive and very expensive retaining wall.

The construction is at a standstill because the contractor building the retaining wall walked off the job before completion.  He didn’t walk far but I’ll get to that later.

1441 Thurlene St.  House #2

This is what 1441 looked like a year ago.  Note the gently sloping front yard and how the hill gently slopes down on the right-hand side.

Several months back the house was sold and the new owner decided to “fix it up”  He gutted the inside, added on rooms, redid the roof rafters, built a covered shade area, reroofed, replumbed, rewired, a total makeover… without pulling one permit.

The city discovered this illegal remodel and slapped the project with a Stop-Work order.

Now, this is where the story gets really fun.

Three days after the illegal construction was slapped with stop-work order Vrej’s walk-away contractor walked to this city shut down job site, met with the owner and cut a deal to do some grading.  In the course of 3 days, two of which were on a weekend, he graded 800 cubic yards, and a good part of that illegal grading was done to land owned by Vrej as you can see below.

The city caught him before he could haul all the 800 yards away.

So now Vrej is missing land and the cut is endangering the surrounding neighborhood.

The property owner who did the illegal grading had a survey done after the damage in order to verify that he had indeed cut into land he didn’t own.  You can see where his property line is.

Vrej overlooking his missing land.

They were planning on building a retaining wall up against the sidewalk on city land.

And this where it gets really bad.  The house hanging right over the cut is built on fill.  With a good rain that house may slide right down the hill, the concrete block wall will surely go.  And then also with a good rain, there are going to be rivers of mud cascading down upon houses below.