85th Annual CCEA Meeting Recap

Watch a Zoom recording of the CCEA 85th Annual Meeting held on March 9th, 2022.

Jonathan Payne, Fire Captain & Emergency Manager of the Glendale Fire Department discussed the planned Chevy Chase Canyon Evacuation Drill.  And Patty Mundo, Vegetation Management Specialist spoke about fire safety brush clearance in our canyon.  Also on the evening’s agenda were CCEA updates, and a call for all canyon members to cast votes on two CCEA resolutions.

Here are some useful links and contact information from the meeting as well:

Watch the 2022 CCEA Annual Meeting.  56 minutes.

Chevy Chase Evacuation Map

Do you know the 5 escape routes out of our canyon?

Map. The 5 routes of escape from Chevy Chase Canyon in Glendale, CA.

Golden Oldie – Glendale Fire Message to Chevy Chase Canyon

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