A warning from Officer Sue Shine about follow home robbery.

Chevy Chase,

This was reported by a resident on Fullmoon Drive:

  • On Friday, January 11 at approximately 4:00PM, the resident and her spouse were driving home via Chevy Chase from the YMCA in La Crescenta
  • A “beat up” sedan began following and honking at them as they drove
  • At a stop sign, the sedan drove beside the resident and yelled that the car was leaking oil
  • At the next stop sign, the female resident exited and her husband started to get into the driver’s seat
  • At this point, the driver of the sedan walked up and said he was a mechanic and could follow them home and repair it. The male was wearing some type of mechanic-type shirt. He was described as a male/Hispanic with short hair or shaved head.
  • The resident saw nothing leaking and began driving to their mechanic, located at Verdugo/Broadway
  • As they pulled into the garage, the sedan drove by and out of sight
  • As predicted, there was no fluid leaking from the resident’s car
 We have no other details, nor description but wanted to pass the information on in case this type of incident occurs to you
Sue Shine, Lead Officer East Command

Glendale Police Department
131 North Isabel Street
Glendale, CA 91206
(818) 937-8769 work



A warning from Officer Sue Shine about follow home robbery. — 1 Comment

  1. Hi, Officer Shine:

    This is a separate email — I didn’t have your email address. I am sure you’ve had many inquiries today (March 17) re the small airplane which has been circling constantly for a good part of the afternoon!!!! Do you have any information about it? I’m not worried — just curious as all get out. I live in Glenoaks Canyon (on Devonshire Lane) and we seem to be part of the area that plan is circling! Thanks for any info you can relay!

    Virginia (Chickie) Bengtsson

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