—  We won’t tell you what color to paint your house or when your shrubs need pruning, that’s not what we do! —

The Chevy Chase Estates Association (CCEA) was founded in 1937 and is the oldest association of homeowners in California. Through its Board of Directors, this Association is actively involved in all issues that impact the quality of the Chevy Chase Canyon lifestyle. The CCEA Board is a group of twelve Canyon volunteers who are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Chevy Chase Estates. Through the use of newsletters, special mailings, e-mail, this website, an annual membership meeting and occasional social events, the Board works toward providing CCEA members with current and useful information on the many issues affecting Canyon residents.

The Board routinely monitors and speaks out on hillside housing development, attends meetings of the City Council, Planning Commission, Design Review Board and other City meetings, monitors Canyon traffic and safety issues, reviews and comments on Canyon environmental issues and generally represents Canyon residents on other matters of importance to the Canyon.

Although the CCEA is frequently referred to as a Homeowners Association, or “HOA” it is actually incorporated as a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization.  Unlike an HOA, CCEA membership is optional, and there are no resident regulations such as CC&Rs ordinances.

We encourage all canyon residents to join us and become members of the CCEA so together we can protect and preserve our Chevy Chase Canyon.  Your membership also helps support the Chevy Chase Library, the Canyon Neighborhood Watch program, and provides financial backing when legal action is required to protect the integrity of the Canyon environment.

Besides gaining satisfaction from taking an active part in your community by becoming a CCEA member, you will also receive a  CCEA decal for your car windshield that identifies you as a canyon resident should access be restricted for any reason.

We are hopeful that you will support our efforts by becoming a CCEA member.  Just click on the “Join Now” button.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Chevy Chase Estates Association (CCEA) is dedicated to protecting the quality of Canyon life, promoting a sense of community, and advocating for the general welfare of Canyon residents.

GOALS:  Discourage and challenge inappropriate Canyon development  *  Support the Chevy Chase Library  *  Support Neighborhood Watch in the Canyon  *  Provide a forum whereby Canyon concerns can be addressed  *  Maintain strong communication links among Directors, City Officials and residents  *  Foster and build a sense of community