Burglars Target Canyon

Over the past holidays our canyon has once again been targeted by burglars.  Information on these crimes, a few steps Chevy Chase homeowners can take to thwart criminals, and the planning of an anti-crime town hall meeting are discussed below.

GPD Badge
From Officer Sue Shine, GPD:.

Incident #1
3200 Block Kirkham (12/29
).  The first break in was a super short turnaround (obvious that someone was watching them leave).  Resident left at 6:15PM and set her alarm.  We received the alarm call at 6:32PM.  The side gates have no locks and the rear double pane slider was broken, but NO ENTRY made.  The alarm worked.  No one in the area saw/heard a thing.

Incident #2
3200 block of Emerald Isle (12/30
)  This burglary occurred in a one hour window.  The resident left at 6:00PM and returned at 7:00PM and the rear slider was also broken and no locks on the side gates.  NO ALARM/ NO Motion Lights.  Some pretty specific places were searched and cash removed.  The house was ransacked so, there was more than one person.  An iPad and cash were lost and they mentioned a visit from friends from out of the country who left earlier, but they do not suspect them.

Ongoing Incidents:
Mail theft
is up again.  It was mostly up on Foxkirk, but now we had a resident see some suspicious activity and located discarded mail on Glenmore Bl, which is just outside the Canyon.

Based on these folks not heading out to parties, it seems they are being cased for behavior.  Please share the following tips for this wave of activity:

Secure all side access gates to the home
-install motion sensing lights
-Leave lights on inside and some amount of sound (a talk radio program, for example)

Install Beware of Dog signs and a big squeaky toy near the side of the home
-Alarms should be set every time you leave
-Look around the area as you drive in and out and keep pen and paper handy to jot down plates
-Vary you route to and from and the time-frame

Report any suspicious loitering near any home (818) 548-4841

I am afraid with the new laws and passage of Prop 47, these incidents will now become much more common.   Sad times indeed.

Sue Shine  sshine@glendaleca.gov

COMING LATER THIS MONTH – The Glendale Police Department is setting up a Town Hall – Neighborhood Watch meeting for canyon residents.  Stay tuned for a time and place!

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