Canyon Awareness Alert

Chevy Chase Neighbors:

We had an interesting call up on Cornwall last night after 11:00PM. A resident thought someone was breaking into his locked vehicle. He saw a male holding a flashlight near the car and called 911. We located the vehicle (in this case, a Porsche SUV) and discovered a flashlight during our search. Although there was no evidence the suspect committed any crime, during our detention, we discovered a No Bail Warrant for the male possessing the flashlight so he got a free ride to jail. It is hard to say what these characters were up to, but if you see ANYONE out looking into vehicles or on the property of another, get a description and call us immediately.

In the Rossmoyne neighborhood last week, several UNLOCKED cars had items taken. Even if we catch a guy with your sunglasses or iPod (Misdemeanor in most cases), it does not carry the criminal penalty of breaking into a locked car (Felony). Most crooks simply try door handles and take what they can find. Your Registration is a great find so they can sell your identity. It is not worth trusting the driveway or street that you live on to be safe. These guys spend all night looking for victims.

Last, this afternoon, several neighbors starting around 2200 East Chevy Chase reported males knocking at the door. When residents didn’t open the door, but asked who it was, the males said they were neighbors. What they really were are the newest group of out of state pushy magazine solicitors. THEY DO NOT HAVE A PERMIT and you should not open the door for them nor make a purchase. One of these guys went to jail and there are sure to be more groups just like them in the coming months. Non-Emergency line: 818-548-4841

Would you like to learn more about seasonal crime like this? Do you know someone who has never attended one of my Introduction to Neighborhood Watch Meetings? You are in luck! The Chevy Chase Estates Association is having their quarterly block captain training and all are welcome. I will be speaking about seasonal crime trends and doing an overview of Neighborhood Watch so spread the word!! WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2012 AT THE CHEVY CHASE LIBRARY FROM 6:00-7:30pm

Sue Shine, Lead Officer East Command
Glendale Police Department
131 North Isabel Street
Glendale, CA 91206
(818) 937-8769 work

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