Canyon Burglaries Update

Chevy Chase Residents:

I wanted to praise everyone for their increased vigilance and active participation in the safety of your neighborhood. Since the unmarked cars began their daily surveillance up near Emerald Isle, dispatch has been deluged with calls of “suspicious vehicles in the area.” I am happy to report that they were ours, but it shows that you are paying attention.

Last week, Pasadena Police Department captured three suspects in the process of a residential burglary. They seem to be the same characters who were capering in our area, although subsequent warrants have not provided enough to file our cases against them. It is comforting that this trio are in custody, but there are more waiting to take their place. Don’t be complacent. What else can be done to prevent this?

  • Go outside and get your kids outside!!! When I drive up Emerald Isle in the morning, I may see a gardener. Form some walking groups, take your kids and dogs to the park while walking, get out to do your gardening in the front yard during the week. Get your kids to run through the sprinklers. Crooks will not even slow down if you do this. There is a reason these things don’t happen on the weekend…
  • Join Neighborhood Watch and encourage your neighbors to do so
  • Host an event or come to the Chevy Chase Library on AUGUST 2 (from 6-8pm) for NATIONAL NIGHT OUT. Go to for more details. Following the event at the Library, we will have a Neighborhood Watch training / burglary prevention meeting up there. Flyers will be available at the Library.
  • Keep up the great work!!!

Officer Sue Shine
Community Policing | East Command CLO
Glendale Police Department
131 North Isabel Street
Glendale, CA 91206
Office: (818) 937-8769 | Cell: (818) 402-4523
Fax: (818) 409-7013 | E-mail:

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