Today we responded to a house that was burglarized in the 3100 block of Emerald Isle.  The call came in at 10:47AM and the first officer was onscene in less than five minutes. This was followed by at least eight cars, two motorcycles, and a helicopter within the next few minutes. Pasadena and La Canada were alerted.  Two African American males were last seen running out of the house by the resident who was home and in the shower when they made entry through a kitchen window. As daytime crooks often do, they fled when seen and no one was injured.    How could we not catch them with such a rapid response?  Because the resident called her daughter, who then called her husband, who then called 911…on a cell phone…from work.  The actual time lost was enough to not get any vehicle description and a successful theft of a jewelry box.  The description sounds similar to a trio who have been doing similar burglaries in Pasadena

Please tell your neighbors to be attentive to unknown subjects and cars in the area.  Get them to join the email list.  Let’s mobilize folks to host a meeting to train Neighborhood Watch Captains (especially up in the Emerald Isle area).  The first thing that should happen if anyone attempts any entry into your home or yard, car or garage is to CALL 911!  Do not delay and NEVER second guess yourself.  If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Officer Sue Shine
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