Canyon Mail Theft

An alert from Sue Shine, Lead Office, GPD

Chevy Chase Residents:

We have had numerous reports of opened mailboxes up on Buckingham over the past month. Today, an astute resident found discard mail in the street at the end of Cornwall. The mail that she found with addresses were from Cascadia and Kennigton. This leads me to believe that someone is driving up all of the side streets and opening boxes and looking through the take and then parking to see what they found. I have sent the information to every officer and supervisor working in the area. I also have assurances that a two-man car will be up there (not in a marked unit) hunting. Additionally, my RSVP folks will be up there being extra eyes. Next week, I will get back out there on my bike and ride as many side streets as I can.

What can you do?

  • Check your box or, if you are not at home all day, ask a neighbor to pick it up for you.

  • Never put mail to go out in your box (take it to the post office)

  • If you are home during the day, open the blinds and curtains and look outside to see if anyone walks by. Call if you see anything unusual! Not only will this discourage mail theft, but burglars will think twice too.

  • If you cannot retrieve your mail in a timely manner and can afford one, purchase a locking mailbox.

  • CHECK YOUR STATEMENTS ONLINE IMMEDIATELY. Make sure no one has gained access to any accounts

-Mail theft is a tricky crime to prosecute. If you know you are a victim, you may report it directly to the Postal Service as theft from the mailbox is a federal crime. The two ways to do this are to call: 877-876-2455 (select option #5) or online at: Postal Inspector.

-If you are a victim of identity theft, bring whatever documents confirm this to the station or call to have an officer respond to your home (818-548-4841)

I called the Postal Inspector to verify the numbers and procedure. If we capture the thieves, we will coordinate with them to prosecute fully.

Officer Sue Shine
Community Policing | East Command CLO
Glendale Police Department
131 North Isabel Street
Glendale, CA 91206
Office: (818) 937-8769 | Cell: (818) 402-4523
Fax: (818) 409-7013 | E-mail:

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