Canyon Saftey

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Chevy Chase Canyon has always been a safe place to call home.  Since its inception, the Chevy Chase Estates Association has sought to ensure that safety and wellbeing are an integral part of gracious canyon living.   And that is why we recommend the following valuable programs and services.

CRIME MAPPING – See first hand that Chevy Chase Canyon is indeed an island of safety.  Sign up HERE to RECEIVE ALERTS.  Enter your location and preferences for to receive regular emails detailing both the location and type of crime committed within two miles of you home.  Approved by the Glendale Police Department.

GLENDALE POLICE  DEPARTMENT  – Simply the best!  911 or (818) 548-4911

GLENDALE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION – SIGN UP NOW!   Say a fire is racing toward your or any other severe danger, this system will send you an emergency message via email, land line, cell phone, or all three, it’s your choice.  It is strongly recommended that residents sign up for these potentially lifesaving emergency notifications.

CERT CLASSES Community Emergency Response Team classes train Glendale Citizens to assist in saving and sustaining lives following an emergency or disaster.   Given by the Glendale Fire Department, CERT training can save lives, perhaps those of your loved ones or neighbors. SIGN UP HERE!