Chevy Chase Canyon History Book

History of the Chevy Chase Estates Association, And the Community It Serves

by Jerry McKee, with contributions from canyon residents.

A lovingly compiled history of the Chevy Chase Canyon in Glendale, CA, highlights the years just before1925 to the present day.  From an occasional Native American encampment, to Spanish sheep pastures, to the private hunting preserve of the famous Doheny family, it was the vision of Bert Farrar that was to transform the canyon into the idyllic natural sanctuary community it is today.  But almost from the beginning this idyllic community vision came under attack.  Thus the Chevy Chase Estates Association – the oldest association of homeowners in California – was formed to fight for and preserve this unique canyon sanctuary.  This book details all the calamities and battles mostly won by the canyon residents.  From filling the canyon as a garbage dump to running a freeway down its center, this is a fascinating story of what a community can do.

86 pages with historical photos.

$8 and free shipping in the USA!

We make not a penny on this book but offer it as a service to our community.

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