Chevy Chase Country Club

Nestled in the heart of the canyon, the Chevy Chase Country Club has been a green oasis, the jewel in the crown of our valley since the first homes were built in 1925.  It was the grand vision of bucolic upscale homes loosely sited around the open space of a golf course that even today defines the distinctive natural character of Chevy Chase Canyon.   And back in those early days of the 1920’s, when the Country Club was first threatened with subdivision and development, canyon residents banded together to form what was to become the Chevy Chase Estates Association, and thus save both the Country Club and the vision of a beautiful community.  Check out the new clubhouse below.  Click on the upper right arrows to see full-sized photos!

Please take a moment to visit this canyon treasure, The Chevy Chase Country Club.  (click for their website)

Meet Esteban, Nick, and Vatche, the new owners of the Chevy Chase Country Club.  Hear them tell their fascinating story of struggles, success, and visions for the future in a wonderful 45-minute podcast hosted by Ron Nedd.

Chevy Chase Country Club c1955

The CCCC Clubhouse c 1955

c 1926