Critical Council Vote Tuesday

– or fight builders later –

This Tuesday, March 24, the City Council will decide to approve or deny the Chevy Chase Country Club’s plans for renovation. 

  • Club owners want to enlarge the clubhouse and provide more amenities so it can survive economically
  • Some canyon residents are concerned that a larger club with more activity will increase traffic and noise, that there should be more transparency in the process, and that more development may follow
  • The Country Club owners have announced this is their final version of a rejuvenated club and they will not be able to continue their efforts if it is not approved.
  • If Club property is sold, potential buyers so far have only been developers of single-family homes or condominiums.
  • The CCEA has been consistent in its preference to retain the open space and beauty of a golf course/country club rather than an unknown alternative

The conclusion reached by the CCEA is that the plans presented by the owners of the Chevy Chase Country Club (“Club”) demonstrate a true and sincere effort to not only restore the Club’s structural and functional integrity, but their plans also aim to enhance the beauty and capability of the facility in a way that should greatly contribute to the benefit of the community.  Their effort to understand and accommodate the recreational wishes of the people in the Canyon and surrounding areas is evident in the well thought-out scope of features and amenities to be offered, along with their emphatic desire to become a community center instead of limiting their focus on just being a private golf club.  We believe the renovation of the Club as presented in this case is a winning proposition for Chevy Chase Canyon residents and the City of Glendale and therefore support the good faith efforts put forth by the owners and urge support by the City for its passage.

Board of Directors
Chevy Chase Estates Association

This is what we have and wish to preserve…

This is what we could get…

It’s Your Canyon, You Have a Choice to Make

Express your choice to encourage City Council to approve or deny:

1. Attend the meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, March 24, 6:00 PM (fill out a speaker card when you get there), or,

2. Email the City Clerk and Council members with your preference and include your name and address.

City ClerkArdy
Council MemberPaula
Council MemberLaura
Council MemberAra
Council MemberDave


Critical Council Vote Tuesday — 1 Comment

  1. This is what I sent to the city council members today.

    I have lived in the canyon many years, the first location was actually on Golf Club Drive for about 10 years. Prior to this, I worked at the CCCC when I was in college. And now I have lived on Chevy Chase itself for the past 15 years. So, I have a great knowledge and understanding of the canyon, prior history of the golf course, and current understanding being on the busy canyon street.

    I am in FAVOR of the renovation, as long as there are stipulations for the usage by the public. There has always been availability for the public for receptions, dances, and events. Everyone NEEDS to understand this. What could become a problem, is the frequency of usage. If the facility is truly intended to be more of a money generator, then events will be more frequent – not only because of the way it is allowed to be booked, but because it will be a new and beautiful facility and will naturally draw more attention as a venue. So this portion of the agreement really needs to be hammered out – with the Full Intention of this being built. It may increase traffic, but I don’t know if it would honestly be noticed, as there is SO MUCH already. It could increase the number of accidents and reckless driving, but again, I don’t know if it would be noticed since this already is a problem, and has been for years. There could be something stated in the materials given to the parties who intend to book it, but that often goes unheeded anyway. Whatever the case, I am sure that this can be dealt with.

    I think most everyone in the entire city can agree on this however: No one wants another hideous San Rafael type housing project to truly ruin the canyon. Traffic then will be constant and unceasing anyway – day in and out, not just sporadic. (The picture included in the email sent out depicts this perfectly – showing the property as is, and then another if a bunch of house populated the same space.)

    Vote Yes and save us from more over-development of our ever-dwindling green space and undeveloped lands.

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