Directors Monthly Report

Oktoberfest! – Committee report on our annual CCEA canyon residents’ party to be held September 29th at the Chevy Chase Country Club. Menu of authentic German delicacies and beers finalized, prizes approved, DJ and dance floor detailed, kids’ corner and surprises planned, CCEA membership discounts offered.

Coordinating Council Report – View Ordinance to go before the Glendale City Council. CCEA to study and follow up.

3431 Linda Vista Appeal – No action by City Council, denial appears to stand.

3154 Charing Cross Place – Owner seeking variance to add second story to home.

Mail Theft – Board heard reports and discussed actions regarding recent canyon mail theft.

Hillside Drainage Ditch Maintenance – CCEA is gathering information on drainage ditch maintenance and responsibilities.

Chevy Chase Country Club – More events planned (perhaps monthly) that will be open to all canyon residents.

Outdoor Christmas Lights – Consideration to revive and encourage canyon tradition of residential Christmas lights and displays.

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