Directors Report

Chevy Chase Country Club – Andy and Linda Abelman, hugely successful and seasoned restaurateurs, have taken over management of the Country Club with plans to completely revitalize operations. If successful, there will be no reason to sell the property, or if it is sold, it will sell as a viable money making golf club. The city planning department is finalizing a list of alternative uses for the property in a worst case scenario. The city understands any proposed use other than a golf course will meet heated opposition.

CCEA engaged engineering firm – to study and analyze the new City of Los Angeles Hillside Ordinance as a potential template for use in Glendale. Study should be completed in January.

3060 Hollywell Place – CCEA met with the property owners and the city and found the project appears to stay within codes and the Hillside Ordinance. A meeting the following week between the city, builders, and a large and vocal contingent of concerned residents of Hollywell Pl. and St. Gregory Rd. indicates the project may face opposition as it slowly works its way through the planning and review process.

Neighborhood Watch Signs – The new NW signs have are being installed by Neighborhood Watch and CCEA members. Three new neighborhoods in the Emerald Isle area have joined the canyon’s Neighborhood Watch team.

City Council Candidate Night – Will Rodgers has agreed to moderate our candidate public forum to be held in March.

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