Directors Report

Chevy Chase Country Club – The new team of Andy and Linda Abelman are making big changes in managing and revitalizing the CCCC. On Feb. 1st the club will be holding Bingo Night. And mark this date down on your calendar!  March. 19th the CCCC is hosting a Huge Open House Bash featuring complementary food and drinks for every resident of Chevy Chase Canyon.

Neighborhood Watch Signs – All the new NW signs are up. There will be a NW block captain meeting on Wednesday Jan 30, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Chevy Chase Library

The Chevy Chase Library – Zumba, gymnastics, dance as well as art classes are now being offered. A new book club for children meets the 2nd Wed. of every month. The library volunteers are seeing suggestions for speakers for topics of interest to both adults and/or children.


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  1. I was very relieved to find stop signs on Chevy Chase at Golf Club. We live above the country club and always had problems with speeders coming from the north as we exited Golf Club onto Chevy Chase. The road curves to the north and visibility is limited. The problem is that some cars coming from the north are still not stopping at the stop sign. I have had a few close calls lately. In some cases the drivers go right through the stop sign with just a slight glance to see if anyone is entering onto Chevy Chase from Golf Club.

    I think we need to have occasional monitoring and citing of these dangerous law breakers.

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