Director’s Report

Chevy Chase Library – Computer classes return Wednesdays 4-6 p.m.

Freedom Season – CCEA teams with the Boy Scouts to distribute American Flags throughout the canyon before Memorial Day.

Candidates Forum  – CCEA is planning a canyon candidates forum for the open city council seat.

Canyon Development Projects – A brief status report on 10 planned, pending, or potential canyon developments.  (See list below)

The Chevy Chase Estates, working with the Glendale Planning Department, monitors potential development in our canyon.  The following is a list of known projects and a brief report on their current status.

  • 2512 E. Chevy Chase Drive – CUP granted but neighbors have filed an appeal.
  • 3060 Hollywell Place – New home approved and moving forward.
  • 2425  E. Chevy Chase Drive – Resizing garage depth and door width.
  • 2425 Cascadia Drive – Story poles up but a completed application is yet to be filed.
  • 2956 Edgewick Drive – Story poles up but filing is incomplete.
  • 3921 Karen Lynn Drive – Application to add a second story.
  • 3893 Karen Lynn Drive – Application to add a second story.
  • 2313 Ramsay Drive – Debris pile being removed, project under review by Neighborhood Services.
  • 2331 Ramsay Drive – Renewed application to build pending.
  • 2566 E. Chevy Chase Drive – Application incomplete, pending.

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