End of a season for the CCEA sponsored little league team.

Unfortunately, our Chevy Chase Estates Association team, The Hawks, was eliminated from the playoffs… ONLY TWO GAMES AWAY FROM THE CHAMIONSHIP GAME!  While we naturally would have liked to have seen them go all the way, it is important to understand what an incredible accomplishment this is for our new team of young ballplayers. The odds of a new team like this having this kind of initial season is very uncommon… and it’s a testament to the generosity of Mike Magro, and his coaching staff who gave incredible amounts of time dedicating themselves to these kids.

To help put this into perspective:

1. Many of these youngsters were entering little league for the very first time at the minimum age requirement for our division (8 years old).

2. Many had little or no experience playing full-on baseball before.

3. Prior to this season, most of these kids didn’t knew each other, nor had they played on a team together.

It’s really quite exciting and inspirational to watch them play their hearts out as they try their very best at a new skill. We are impressed at the strength of character these kids are displaying at such a young age, and the clear mentorship that they receive from their coaches.

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