Food Truck Party on the Green 2023

Chevy Chase Canyon, Glendale, CA, Food Truck Party on the Green with families and friends.

It was a grand old time on the green!  Tons of fun, families, friends, great music, an enchanted setting, and oh those food truck treats, a wonderful time was had by all.  The Chevy Chase Estates Association teamed with the Chevy Chase Country Club to throw our annual Canyon Party-On-The-Green Food Truck Extravaganza.  Hard to tell who had the best time, the grownups, or the kids.

See all 92 photos below.  Click on the arrows upper right for a full-sized view!

And OMG, the Craig Kupka Band was simply heavenly.  Check them out in this short video.

Lots of folks worked hard to make our canyon party a day to remember.  Big thanks go out to the Chevy Chase Country Club which is the true jewel of our canyon, and to the Chevy Chase Estates Association team of volunteer directors.  And if you like what you see, Join Us!

See you all next year!


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  1. What a well-organized event – it’s truly a marvelous neighborhood tradition. Thank you to everyone who came together to make this happen.

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