Garden Club Bird and Flower of the Month

Highlighting the plants and animals found throughout our canyon, these blurbs are written and illustrated by local Garden Club members. Many thanks to the Chevy Chase Estates Garden Club. Please feel free to email them.

 The Hooded Oriole

The Hooded Oriole is a bright, tropical-looking bird.  The male is yellow-gold and black.  He has a striking black bib on his throat.  The female is the same sleek shape, but a pale yellowish green and no bib.  They both have narrow curved down beaks so they can suck nectar from cactus flowers.  The normally live in the desert, but in the summer they come here because we have native fan palms for the best nesting and hummingbird feeders for yummy nectar.  By Carroll Ropp

California Aster

California Aster is a spreading grey plant with masses of lavender and yellow flowers that attract butterflies.  The species grows on slopes under pines and rocks.  If you plant California Aster in your garden, give a little extra water in the Spring, but little or no summer/fall watering after the first year.  This flower is especially beautiful in rock gardens.  Hummingbirds love it too.  By Mary Betlach –  Watercolor by Candyce Binzley.


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  1. Does anyone in your Garden Club know how to identify the scorch leaf disease on Oleanders?

    Suzanne Whitman

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