GOATS Fight Fire in Chevy Chase!

They came to our hillsides, hundreds of them, mostly goats with a few sheep and guard dogs, and of course a shepherd.  Ventura Brush Goats brought them.  The goats mission, strip away the deadly wildfire fuel scrub-brush.  Their reward, an all you can eat vegetarian banquet.

Goats released into Chevy Chase Canyon in Glendale California so they can eat away the fire prone underbrush.

Watch below, the goat herd in action!

The City of Glendale, Patty Mundo, ace fire inspector and vegetation management specialist, CCEA director Leticia Gonzalez, Ken Batchelor, and many others made this brush clearance the-natural-way event possible.  Huge thanks from everybody in our canyon.  Wildfire safety is paramount in Chevy Chase.

Photos below.  See the goats AND all the people who were part of this amazing canyon event including the Bleat & Greet party hosted by Glendale Fire and Police.


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