Good News from Officer Sue Shine

Chevy Chase residents:

I have no crimes to report! That has a lot to do with your vigilance and our saturation patrol. I attended a regional burglary task force meeting and Pasadena PD reported arrests of several burglary “crews” from Alta Dena, Pasadena, and South Central. Their activity has quieted as well. Also, our mail thefts have dropped off. We had zero reported thefts from vehicles during the holidays! The word must be getting out to: LOCK it, HIDE it, KEEP it. Rest assured, the crooks haven’t gone away. Keep up the vigilance.

Pass word to neighbors about the most common means used by burglars: They knock at the front door (this is when, if you are home, you say, “Who is it?” and don’t open the door. If they don’t have a good answer, call 911). If there is no answer, they wait a moment (this is where the nosy neighbor thwarts the crook if you are not home), and then head around to the back or side where they are out of sight. They then either pry or shatter a window or door and make entry (this is when the locked side gates and big dog named, “Brutus” does the thwarting). They take small, concealed items (gold and jewelry, cash, small electronics- think “Apple”, or laptops) and often leave through the front door. The getaway car is often nearby (most of our victims live very close to a corner). Urge neighbors to secure valuables in safe deposit boxes and never in the obvious places (bedrooms/closets). Take photos of non-serialized items and register all electronics at their websites with the serial numbers.

What else can we do??? This year, I will be holding in conjunction with your amazing CCEA, a number of meetings where you can come get specific training and convince more neighbors to Jon Neighborhood Watch. Topics will include: fraud/identity theft, dispatch/911 operator Q and A, traffic experts, and with some help form your fire station, CERT). I will let you know when and where when I get the approval.

Lastly, those who live up Linda Vista know that school is back in session at the Art Center. Officer Obrusnik is up there with the traffic trailer this week and will be issuing citations. Bicyclists are NOT EXEMPT from speed and stop sign enforcement. Please SLOW down in the canyon. We are going to aggressively cite motorists when and where we can. You do not want to be one of them!!!

Be safe and take care of each other!

Officer Sue Shine
East Command, Lead Officer
Glendale Police Department
131 North Isabel Street
Glendale, CA 91206
Office: (818) 937-8769 | Cell: (818) 402-4523 
Fax: (818) 409-7013 | E-mail:

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