Happy Thanksgiving from the CCEA

From your 12 neighbors who volunteer to serve on the Chevy Chase Estates Association board of directors as other neighbors have done for 80 years, the CCEA wishes all canyon residents a Happy Thanksgiving.

Photo of a deer taken in our canyon a few years back.

For some charming and rare older and newer photos if Chevy Chase Canyon on our website, click here. And click on any image to make them a full-sized slide show.

Since it’s founding in 1937, a changing series of 12 elected canyon neighbors have met on the second Wednesday of every month for usually a two-hour meeting to discuss issues of concern to canyon residents and formulate the best ways to address those problems.  But 12 that go to Wed. meetings didn’t create, sustain, nor empower the CCEA as a force in the affairs in Glendale.   Without the thousands of canyon residents who have signed up for membership in the Chevy Chase Estates Association over the years because they understood our canyon was precious and deserving of protection, without them writing letters or now emails, without them showing up in masse at City Council meetings, without our community of concerned neighbors this canyon could be unrecognizable to us today.  Ours is the oldest Association of Homeowners in California.  You can read our stellar and singular history here.  It’s a history of battles big and small, and a spirited community that always comes together to protect our bit of heaven on earth.  

Please join us here now.  

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