Historic Districts Under Fire

REMINDER: Historic District Ordinance

Returns to Council October 10

An important preservation practice is at a turning point. Elen Asatryan continues her attack on historic districts, even though for over 15 years opposition to the existing historic districts has been minimal.

On Tuesday, October 10, two versions of a revised historic district ordinance return to the City Council for a final vote. One would keep the petition threshold at a simple majority (50% +1) while another would increase it to a super majority (67%). Increasing to a super majority is likely to negatively impact the number of future proposed districts and slow the process of historic district creation.

Historic districts are essential to preserving the character of Glendale’s neighborhoods, whether in south or north Glendale.

Please: Attend or call in on October 10 to let Council know how important historic districts are. The call-in number is 818-937-8100 and the Agenda Item is #7b. The meeting can be viewed here to know when to place your call. The meeting begins at 6:00 but this item will be later in the agenda, so come on down!

Before October 10, please email City Council members with your support of the current 50% plus 1 requirement.






CC the City Clerk: sabajian@glendaleca.gov

Let’s make sure City Council knows how important districts are to TGHS members and other Glendale residents.

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