Important Canyon Links to Have

Links for Chevy Chase Canyon residents.  Some of these are fun, some are informational, some will keep you abreast of the latest news and gossip, and some might save your life.


THE MEGA LIST – From The City of Glendale, go here to sign up for city news, planning report updates, and most importantly, EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION.  ALL canyon residents should sign up for this.

——————————————————————– is a neighborhood bulletin board where folks can post crime updates, take part in canyon discussions, let people know about canyon events, or even sell household items.


Chevy Chase Estates Association page on Facebook features canyon news, CCEA updates, and occasional Glendale history posts.  


Neighbors of Chevy Chase Canyon, a place on Facebook for… neighbors of Chevy Chase Canyon to get together. 

——————————————————————– is a free service where one can sign up and if there is crime in the area emails will be sent detailing the type of crime, the date and time, and where it occurred plotted on a map.


The Chevy Chase Estates Association News and Alerts are emailings sent free to canyon residents with neighborhood news, events, and alerts.  Up to date info on library fun events, crime, and raging wildfires. 

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