Important Chevy Chase Library Update

Over the past weeks, the Chevy Chase Library Committee – with support from the CCEA – has been working feverishly to keep the library off the budget chopping block. After many hours of discussion, the city council has sort of agreed to do that. There were two libraries that the library administration felt a need to close in order to maintain a proper level of service throughout the rest of the system. Ours and Casa Verdugo on N. Brand Blvd.

At the council’s budget hearing last Wednesday, the matter was discussed in great depth. After considerable handwringing by the library administrator, the council came to a decision. A motion was made and approved on a 5 to 0 vote to keep Casa Verdugo open. Following a lengthy discussion on Chevy Chase, which included turning it over to Community Services & Parks for mostly fee-based activities, there was a tentative agreement (no motion and vote to make it firm) to leave it as is. Included in the discussions were the hours, now at 11 per week and the book inventory that has been reduced by about 60%. The open hours would likely remain the same. The issue of the inventory is up in the air.

In order to accomplish the above, the council needs to find approximately $230,000 in the total budget. We hope that they can accomplish that task. However, if they cannot find the money then the outcome of the budget agreements that relate to the Chevy Chase Library will still be up in the air, and our library will still be in danger.

We believe that it is imperative to keep the pressure on the city council to assure, with reasonable expectations; that it will, at minimum, stand by its agreement to keep the library open even with the limited hours and services.

For background on the budget battle to keep Chevy Chase Library open, please take a moment to watch the two videos below.

Save Glendale’s Libraries

Pamela Tom Addressed the Glendale City Council.

Canyon residents can send emails in support of Chevy Chase Library to their council members.

Mayor Laura Friedman –

Council Member Frank Quintero

Council Member Dave Weaver –;

Council Member Rafi Manoukian –

Council Member Ara Najarian –

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