Join Your Neighbors for the Canyon Cleanup!

What: Pride of Buckingham/Chevy Chase Estates Association Canyon Cleanup
When: 8:15AM / Saturday, October 10, 2020
Where: Meeting point is the Chevy Chase Library parking lot.
What to bring: a mask/face covering, gloves, sun protection, water, and a desire to clean up our canyon!

Please join us in cleaning up our canyon by volunteering to pick up litter along East Chevy Chase to Emerald Isle Drive, and Linda Vista to Buckingham Road (and beyond??). Meet your Neighbors and help keep our canyon clean!

We will provide trash bags, and trash pickers at the meeting point. Please arrive between 8:15-8:30 to pick up your materials. You may then start your cleanup in the area where you wish, but let us know where you’ll be working so we don’t crowd each other. Start your cleaning, and at 10AM return to the meeting point to deposit your collected trash (and return the pickers) and pose for a group photo! We will have the City of Glendale do a special trash pickup for us on Monday.

If you cannot make the day and time, we are also running a month-long campaign to clean up our streets individually! Litterati is an app for iPhone and Android that enables tracking of group cleanup efforts over time. Here’s how that works:

1. Download the Litterati app ( or via your OS app store) and enter our challenge code: 421444

2. Between Oct 1-31, grab your gloves and trash bags and visit your favorite spot in the canyon to do your cleanup! Even just one or two items on your daily walk add to the tally.

3. Use the Litterati app to photograph and tag the individual items of trash you collect.

4. Pack out the trash with you and dispose of it or recycle it properly.

5. Take our survey and send a selfie or group photo to to complete your trash report!

About the Organizers:
The “Pride of Buckingham” group was established with the intent of bringing the folks who reside on Buckingham Road and Buckingham Place together in sharing this beautiful Canyon and taking pride in keeping the environment clean. The Canyon Cleanup event has been happening (usually quarterly) for more than a decade.

The Chevy Chase Estates Association (CCEA) was founded in 1937 and is the oldest association of homeowners in California. Through its Board of Directors, this Association is actively involved in all issues that impact the quality of the Chevy Chase Canyon lifestyle. The CCEA Board is a group of twelve Canyon volunteers who are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Chevy Chase Estates.

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