Just in Time for the Holidays, Chevy Chase History!


The UPDATED History of the Chevy Chase Estates Association and the Community it Serves – SECOND EDITION  is once again available for purchase as we’ve printed up a few more.  Get yours today for only a $5 donation to cover the cost of printing.  A great gift for cherished neighbors, and a great welcome-to-the-neighborhood for new families.

Chevy Chase Estates History Booklet

Read about the floods, fires, and secret bridle trails, how from the very beginning the state’s oldest association of homeowners has fought back schemes to make the canyon into a garbage dump, turn the country club into a low-income housing project, or route a freeway straight through the valley.  This is a fantastic book lovingly written by a Chevy Chase local.  This is the official updated 85-page edition including gorgeous new black and white photos.  A must read.  A great present that will be cherished for generations.  AND IT’S ONLY FIVE BUCKS!

Order here, we pay for shipping.

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