New Secret Christmas Lights in Our Canyon.

Is your home here?  Can you find your neighbor’s? 

New Homes Added This Year! 

Click upper right to see full-sized photos.

Homes were photographed at random and some we miss.   We also try to find new displays.  If your house has been overlooked, perhaps it can be found in the lights of years past below.   Enjoy these beautiful canyon treasures, Merry Christmases (Glendale is so cool, we celebrate two, the 25th and the 6th.), Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year from your neighbors at the CCEA.

See the wonderful neighborhood years past below.

Click on the photos below to see past Canyon Christmas Light Displays. When the page comes up click on the first photo to see them HUGE on your screen.  

 2015 Christmas lights

Click here to find a 2014 Christmas home.


Click here for the 2013 homes.


New Secret Christmas Lights in Our Canyon. — 3 Comments

  1. Could you add our house next year? Our next door neighbor’s were shown, as were our neighbors a few doors up, but ours never gets on the list. 3155 Grangemont Rd. Thanks.

    • Merry Christmas. Your house is now #5 on our slideshow. If you are not a member please consider joining the oldest association of homeowners in California.

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