Our 83rd Annual Meeting!

For 83 Years The Chevy Chase Estates Association Has Protected and Preserved Our Canyon.

Our CCEA annual meeting at the Chevy Chase Country Club was a huge success.  And it was different from annual meetings of past, we had far more speakers from our canyon addressing our canyon history and resources.  The speakers were fascinating and local.  Here a few photos of the evening.

Our first speaker was Sylvana Khachtourian from Chevy Chase Country Club who talked about all the great things that are happening at the CCCC.  Really great things.

Next was Nick Agakanian, an owner of the CCCC who was blindsided by the CCEA and almost cried.  We brought him upstage to gift him with a ceramic art piece created by James Ward, our CCEA co-president.  We wanted a way to thank the CCCC for their support of the CCEA.  Nick gave the most amazing thank you speech.

Dan Suttles, Sargent, City of Glendale Police Dept talked about our Glendale Police Department.  Despite AB109 and prop. 47, our GDP is PROACTIVE.

Jeff Ragusa, Battalion Chief City of Glendale Fire Dept. gave us an update on the new way Glendale is identifying brush fire hazards.

Next up was the amazing Glendale Katherine Yamada who talked about canyon history.  Katherine wrote a local history column for the News-Press for a number of years.

Mary Betlach, Chevy Chase Garden Club President spoke of Graden Club activities and invited canyon residents to join.


Watercolors by Garden Club member, Candyce Binzley.

Our next speaker was Steve Hunt, Glendale Historical Society President who shared info on all the amazing programs the Historical Society provides as well at is work in historic preservation.


Last to speak was Viktor Sjoberg, Community Engagement Librarian for Glendale Library.  He touted the explosive growth in online services offered by our library.

Chevy Chase Library


Our 83rd Annual Meeting! — 4 Comments

  1. I have been concerned for many years over the safety of motorists who back out of their properties, and the very strong possibility of them causing an accident with cars they couldn’t see because of a bend. One day, I had 2 near misses.

    Could you point this out and encourage motorists to back onto their properties, and drive out? When they’re backing onto their properties, they have a clearer view of the traffic, and when they drive out, they have an even better view of the traffic.

    Thanks for all you do for our community.

    • Great observation, you know how to drive. We share your concern and have communicated that to the Glendale Police Department many times and they do their best to combat reckless drivers. Hard to outlaw fools.

  2. This was such a wonderful, informative meeting. I learned so much from all the different, excellent speakers. Bravo to CCEA and the meeting planners and speakers!

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