Photos From the CCEA Coffee & Paint Event

It was a great event with lots of kids, parents, and adults making some amazing art at our local Chevy Chase Library.  Your Chevy Chase Estates Association, who has been protecting and preserving our canyon for 80 years, along with the Wild Oak Cafe who supplied all the coffee and treats, and of course our Chevy Chase Library who made all this possible, we all had a great time and some amazing art was created as these photos will show.  Click the top right arrows to see full sized pictures.  So much great art!

Wildfire Drill – Structure Vulnerability Assessment

On Sunday, April 28th the fire departments of Glendale, Pasadena, and San Marino conducted a wildfire drill at the top of our canyon around the Figueroa Street area.  The purpose of the exercise was to practice cross-departmental coordination and to evaluate and score structures on their wildfire vulnerability.  Included are photos from the day and the actual forms used by firefighters to access each house.  Note the temp white paint on the lower right windows of all the fire units.

Fear Not Sunday April 28th, a Fire Drill

This just in from our new Glendale Fire Chief Silvio Lanzas to share with canyon neighbors…

Glendale Fire Department in conjunction with the Pasadena Fire Department will be participating in a Brush Fire Preparedness drill on Sunday April 28th. The drill will be on the border of Glendale/Pasadena and La Canada at the top of Chevy Chase Canyon. There will be two sessions, 9:00am and 1:30pm each lasting approximately 3.5 hours. The drill involves a strike team deploying at a brush fire in a structure defense mode during a simulated fire approaching the homes.

fire fighters parctice wattering down homes in danger of wildfireds.

More to come about Glendale Fire Chief Silvio Lanzas and his battle with wildfires.

April 24th. Armenian Geniocide Day

Many Glendale business will be closed on Wednesday the 24th.  Here is why.  Just one guy’s story on Youtube out of thousands. This is a must watch.  We can’t show you the iconic photo of the many Armenian young women crucified during the Genocide but one can look that image up.

82 Years, Our 2019 Canyon Meeting

Photos from our 82nd annual meeting.  It was a great event at our beautiful new Country Club.  If you weren’t there, plan on coming next year!.  We have great new people in charge of our police and fire.  Glendale CA Police Chief Carl Povilaitis, Glendale CA Fire Chief Silvio Lanzas, and Glendale CA PD Lt. Rafael Quintero who is in charge of traffic.

Come One, Come All – CCEA’S 82nd Annual Meeting at the Beautiful New Clubhouse – CCEA members get 15% off on dinners before the meeting!

Free invite for Canyon Neighbors!

Our 82nd annual meeting on Wednesday, March 13 at 7:00 pm is a free event for all folks living in the canyon hosted at the new Chevy Chase Country Club.  CCEA members dine at the club before the meeting and get 15% off your check.

Chevy Chase Estates Newsletter greetingNight vision of the Chevy Chase Country Club pool.

This year’s meeting will Feature a discussion from Glendale Police explaining how they are dealing with the ongoing problem of reckless drivers who tear up Chevy Chase Drive.  Please come and tell them your stories.  The problem of speeders and reckless drivers in our canyon needs to be addressed.  The cars now so much more powerful, the drivers now seem so much more reckless.

Important Legal Doc

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DRB Shoots Down 910 Laird Project

The Glendale Design Review Board has voted on the 910 Laird project!

Thanks to all who have supported our efforts to challenge this project.  Once again we prevailed.  

Canyon Development Alert!  One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

Once again the project at 910 Laird will be up for review by the Design Review Board this Thursday the 10th of January 2019, 5 PM, at the MUNICIPAL SERVICES BUILDING – 633 E. Broadway, Room 105  And all are welcome!

If you can’t make this hearing please send your thoughts on this project to: 

FIVE YEARS!  Concerned neighbors and the CCEA have been raising objections to a developer’s proposals to build at 910 Laird for the last FIVE years.  You can read the brief history here.

The developer is back.  It’s claimed to be a redesign again but this time ignoring previous conditions set by the DRB. See the CCEA objection below.

One step forward, two steps back.  It appears that in the latest plans under consideration for 910 Laird Drive the applicant has tossed aside the conditions set at the DRB hearing of December 14, 2017.  Those conditions were in part:

1. Relocate the garage to a lower elevation on the slope (finish floor level of approximately 770-775′) and with the garage door openings on axis with the driveway extending uphill from Laird Drive.

On the DRB hearing of April 12, 2018, the garage was indeed moved to a lower elevation with the finish floor level of 773′ with the garage door opening on axis with the driveway extending uphill from Laird Drive.

But now it is as if the DRB hearing of December 12, 2017, never happened as once again the driveway has been extended back up behind the neighbors’ upstairs bedroom and the height has increased to 778.  It no longer faces Laird.  In addition, breaching the neighbors’ privacy and tranquility, upon leaving the garage the driveway will be difficult to navigate requiring one to back down a steep hill and make a sharp turn in reverse.

2. Relocate the house to be lower on the slope in order to reduce its prominence and sense of mass on the hillside. Redesign the project accordingly to address the topography and specific conditions of the new location.

Again at the April 2018 DRB the house had been lowered a little.  The family room, kitchen and dining area were lowered 5 feet (790’6″ to 784.00′); the front entry was lowered about 4 feet (785’6″ to 781. 00′); the living room was lowered about 3 feet (785.00′ to 782.00′). The highest elevation point was lowered 8 feet (813.00′ to 805.00′)

The plans submitted now once again void the conditions set forth on December 2017 as the house has been raised 4 ft and pushed up the hill and sited northeast about 10 ft. The house still is about 50% larger than the average home in the neighborhood.

The Planning Commission and the Design Review Board’s repeated admonishments and directions to the Applicant to remedy questionable siting and other mass and scale issues have been met with a spacious, minimally compliant response.  This Applicant has never demonstrated a sincere desire to maintain neighborhood compatibility by conforming to the codes that govern hillside projects and should, therefore, be prevented, once again, the opportunity to build a house in the wrong place and in a way that endangers neighbors, violates their privacy and degrades the forested environment of Chevy Chase Canyon.

The Chevy Chase Estates Association has continuously supported the Applicant’s right to develop the property at 910 Laird Drive, but the Applicant has repeatedly demonstrated his disdain for and rejection of the rules and regulations governing the development process. His irresponsible actions have led to a project that again does not conform to the spirit and intent of the Hillside Design Guidelines, leading the CCEA to continue its opposition and to call upon the Design Review Board to again reject the plans as submitted.

Bad Faith, a Picture Tells a Thousand Words.

For many years the DRB has admonished the developer to clean up the sandbags he placed on his lot to mitigate his illegal grading.  Several months back the developer met with the concerned neighbors impacted by his plans.  He looked them square in their eyes and promised to finally clean up they decaying sandbags within one week.  Photos snapped yesterday evidence bad faith.

At 5:00 pm this Thursday, January the 10th, the city’s Design Review Board (DRB) will approve or deny the construction of a new home on Laird Drive.  The CCEA and concerned neighbors have repeatedly opposed this project for 5  years because its location behind and above existing homes would eliminate the privacy those homes have enjoyed for many years and would compromise the forested hillside that is part of the Chevy Chase Canyon charm.  Another reason this project should be denied is because of the precedent it would set for other developers who are not concerned about preserving the woodland character of the Canyon.  They are hoping for an opportunity to build on hillside areas that have historically been off limits.  If this project is allowed to move forward, they will get that opportunity.

You can help the effort to preserve the beauty of Chevy Chase Canyon by registering your objection to this project by letting the DRB know your position.  The best way is to appear at the hearing and say this project is incompatible with the neighborhood and you request denial of the project.  The next best thing is to send an email to the case planner for the project, stating your objection.  The more people who express their position, the better the DRB will understand the wishes of the community.   Information to communicate your position is below.

Address of the proposed construction:  910 Laird Drive
Case No. :  PDR1709694-C (staff report here)
Case Planner: Kathy Duarte
Hearing: Thursday, April the 12th, 5:00 pm – 633 East Broadway, Room 105

Send emails objecting to this project to:

If you have questions, send an email to Questions and Comments.  You will receive a rapid response.