This Wed. the 11th of March.

Our Yearly Get Together With Friends and Neighbors.

Since 1937 your Chevy Chase Estates Association has hosted annual meetings for our members, and for everyone who calls Chevy Chase Canyon home.  The 83-year-old CCEA is the oldest association of homeowners in California and canyon residents can join for only $35 a year. 

Have you seen our Annual Meeting signs on the streets this year? 

annual meting 2020

This annual meeting will be a bit different.  We have once again invited Glendale Police and Fire for brief updates, but this meeting will be a tribute to our canyon with speakers talking about our canyon history, our canyon institutions, canyon secrets, and cool things many have never heard or seen.

Derby House Chevy Chase ca

Come all this Wednesday the 11th 2020 to join the CCEA at our annual celebration.  We will meet at the new Chevy Chase Country Club at 7:00 pm. 

Protecting and preserving our canyon for 83 years.

Bad Development Alert Hearing CANCELED

Tomorrow’s Wed. 2/19/20 2508 St Andrews Hearing Canceled

“As of this afternoon, the owner has requested that the case not be heard tomorrow and that it be continued to an unspecified date in the future.

The matter will be re-noticed once the case is rescheduled.

Any and all comments submitted for tomorrow’s hearing will be forwarded to the Hearing Officer for his/her consideration at the new hearing.

If you have any questions, I may be reached directly at 818-937-8154 or via email.

Best regards,


Vilia Zemaitaitis, AICP, Principal Planner ● City of Glendale ● Community Development Department

633 East Broadway, Room 103 ● Glendale, CA 91206 ● (818) 937-8154 ●

2508 St Andrews Glendale development sign

A letter submitted to the Chevy Chase Estates Association by concerned property owner and former CCEA director, Jean Simone.

Hello neighbors,

Sometimes certain projects don’t pass the smell test. We have one on St. Andrews Drive.

A few years ago, we caught the owners of the property at 2508 St. Andrews Drive chopping down a beautiful oak tree. We contacted the Glendale arborist at the time. She confirmed it.

Not long after, a woman claiming to be the property owner knocked on my front door…..weeping…and asked if my husband and I would sell some of our land so they could build on the property. Not a chance. We actually like green space….and so do our neighbors.

And then a phone call from her attorney asking to purchase part of our property so they could build…. nope. From the very beginning, this lot was not suitable for building. The property owners knew it. They knew the oak tree was in the way and cut it down. Getting caught destroying the oak tree caused them to wait a few years. But now they’re back. Hoping that time has passed and they can move forward and make a profit building on this unsuitable lot.

The property at 2508 St. Andrews is too steep (they are saying the slope is 60%, but it appears much steeper) It is too small to build on- hence the effort to buy land from us. it had a beautiful oak tree in the middle. The owners knew the lot was too small. They knew it was too steep. And they knew the protected oak tree in the middle would have prohibited any building at all. So they chopped it down. They tried to make the lot fit the standard size required by trying to buy land from us. They bought a lot that is unbuildable and hope to defy every rule and build

The Hillside Ordinance was crafted to prevent this type of building. It was crafted to protect our Canyon from anyone trying to make a fast buck while ignoring the rules and regulations. It was crafted to protect us from anyone buying a cheap, unsuitable lot and profiting. This is an attempt to completely circumvent the Hillside Ordinance and make a buck.

Planning Hearing THIS Wednesday FEBRUARY 19, 2020 at 9:30 am
633 East Broadway, Room105
Case #PVAR 1726875

Please join us in expressing our concerns that this project is even being considered. The more voices the better!

If you cannot be there in person, please send an email to the planner:
Vilia Zemaitaitis email:  tel: 818937-8154

2508 St Andrews Glendale development sign

CCEA Bill Nichol Honored by Glendale and California For 30 Years of Service.

On Monday Feb. 3rd, 2020 the Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council (GHCC) honored our own Chevy Chase Estates Association Director Bill Nicoll for thirty years of service.  On hand to make it official were Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian, our council members, Paula Devine, Vrej Agajanian, and a presenter from California Laura Freedman’s office.

Other greats honoring our Chevy Chase Estates Association Director and Secretary Bill Nicoll that night at Damion’s Steak House were Glendale Fire Chief Silvio Lanza and Glendale Police Department chief Carl Povilaitis.

About ten days later Bill submitted his resignation to the Chevy Chase Estates Association citing at 87 years old he deserved retirement.  We will miss him dearly.

You can say thanks to Bill for 30 years here.

See photos below.

Chevy Chase Canyon Historical Photos, Mapped!

Did you know there is a collection of historic photos of Chevy Chase Canyon on our website?

Check out our History & Photos page for a look back in time, including photos, newspaper clippings, and more!

You can also view some of the photos on the map below. Admire our neighborhood Lloyd Wright house from when it was originally constructed! Shudder at the location of the discovery of the third victim of the Hillside Strangler! Marvel at the historic sinkhole of ’69!

Do you have historic photos of your home or the canyon? Please send them to us at and we will add to the map!

Note: click on the marker, which will bring up a thumbnail of the photo – if you’d like to see the photo full sized, click again for full screen!

Glendale Elections Candidate Forums

glendale votes logo

From “In accordance with the California Voter Participation Rights Act (SB 415) and after the passage of Measure P by Glendale voters in 2018, General Municipal Elections shall be held to coincide with any statewide primary election date in even numbered years. The next Glendale Municipal Election will take place on March 3, 2020.

As this year’s election date was changed to just BEFORE the CCEA annual meeting, we are unable to provide a Candidate Forum at this year’s annual meeting (to be held March 11, 2020) but not to worry, we will have an interesting and exciting agenda for the meeting nevertheless  The CCEA Board of Directors is discussing a vote to amend our constitution to change the meeting date so we will be in sync for future elections.

We hope Chevy Chase Canyon residents will attend one of the many candidate forums being hosted in the coming months – find out about the candidates and where they stand on positions important to you and your neighborhood!

Candidate Forums:

Photos from the Gingerbread House Party at the Chevy Chase Library!

The Gingerbread house making bash at our Chevy Chase Library was a huge success. It may have been the best-attended library event ever. And so many creative and wonderful gingerbread houses were lovingly crafted, everybody had a blast. But wait, there was more besides gingerbread houses, there was a 3D printer printing red things, there was a whole lot of reading and checking out of books, lots of families, a raffle, free refreshments, and The Chevy Chase Knitting Club got their yarn on! The knitting club meets monthly at the library every 2nd Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm. Our canyon library was a beehive of fun on Gingerbread House Day.  Check out the photos. Click on the little arrows upper right to see the full photos.

YOUR Chevy Chase Estates Association sponsored this event with a lot of help from CCEA volunteer directors who have given freely their time and resources to protect and preserve our canyon since 1937.  Can you give back to protect our canyon?   Household memberships $35 per year.    Read about the history of our canyon here: 


Gingerbread House Day at the Chevy Chase Library!

gingerbread house image

Saturday, December 14
1:00pm – 4:00pm
Chevy Chase Library

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your over 70-year-old canyon protector! Enjoy Holiday magic at our canyon library, build your own gingerbread house!  All ginger builders are welcome no matter the age.

Sponsored by the Chevy Chase Estates Association! Gather together to enjoy hot chocolate and cookies, all while decorating a gingerbread house you can proudly display all season long!

Cost is FREE! Supplies will be provided. Quantities are limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Get there early!

Canyon Cleanup – THANK YOU!

photo of canyon cleanup volunteers

Many hands make light work! Chevy Chase Canyon neighbors came together on a Saturday morning, as they’ve done for over ten years, to clean up our local streets.  The morning ended with breakfast at our canyon’s wonderful Wild Oak Cafe.  We had a great group of a dozen volunteers (two didn’t make it into the photo) who harvested about FIFTEEN 40 gallon plastic bags of rubbish!! The cleanup gang had a lot of fun working with their neighbors.  See this previous post to get the history of this event and who made this all possible. Thank you to the volunteers who came this morning!

Canyon Cleanup, November 16

Pride of Buckingham volunteer street cleanup in Glendale, CAPride of Buckingham Canyon Cleanup
8:30 AM / Saturday, November 16, 2019
Meet at the intersection of East Chevy Chase & Linda Vista

Please join us in cleaning up our canyon by volunteering to pick up litter along East Chevy Chase to Emerald Isle Drive, and Linda Vista to Buckingham Road. Meet your Neighbors and help keep our canyon clean!

Please contact Leticia Gonzalez at 818-434-4647 or for more information.

The “Pride of Buckingham” group was established with the intent of bringing the folks who reside on Buckingham Road and Buckingham Place together in sharing this beautiful Canyon and taking pride in keeping the environment clean. The Canyon Cleanup event has been happening (usually quarterly) for more than a decade.