A Deck Too Far

Watch this short inspiring story about three canyon women who fought a house-flipper’s enormous illegal deck that towered over and threatened their homes below.

It started with a call to the CCEA.  A concerned Chevy Chase Canyon resident was worried that slipshod construction on a bluff over their home might come crashing down upon them and their neighbors.  After hearing their story, we at the CCEA began advising the homeowners on what to do and who to call.  Along with advice, the Chevy Chase Estates Association did assist with a few sharp and strategic communications to the City of Glendale, but the battle was truly won by these three concerned neighbors.

The CCEA offers this video to show what unity and determination can accomplish.  They did it and so can you.

CCEA Director Honored by Glendale Fire!

Leticia Gonzales and Ken Batchelor receive award from Glendale CA Fire Department.

Leticia Gonzalez, Chevy Chase Estates Association director, and Ken Batchelor have been honored by the Glendale Fire Department for going above and beyond in their hard work to clear dried brush, a.k.a. fire fuel, from around their neighborhood and community.  They both organized the event and did the hard slash and clear labor to make our canyon a little bit safer.

Leticia Gonzales and Ken Batchelor award from Glendale CA Fire Department.

Watch them in action in the video below.  Their team included Glendale Fire, The California Conservation Corps, The Glendale Youth Alliance, your neighbors and CCEA board members.  Well done, Leticia!

Chevy Chase Christmas Lights – New for 2022

Merry Christmas from the CCEA

Christmas lights on the homes of Chevy Chase Canyon, Glendale, CA.

Is your home here?  Can you find your neighbor’s? 

Click upper right to see full-sized photos.

Homes were photographed at random and some we miss.   We also try to find new displays.  If your house has been overlooked, perhaps it can be found in the lights of years past below.   Enjoy these beautiful canyon treasures, Merry Christmases (Glendale is so cool, we celebrate two, the 25th and the 6th.), Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year from your neighbors at the CCEA.

See the wonderful neighborhood years past below.

2021 Christmas Lights

2018 Christmas Lights

2017 Christmas lights

Click on the photos below to see past Canyon Christmas Light Displays. When the page comes up click on the first photo to see them HUGE on your screen.  

 2015 Christmas lights

Click here to find a 2014 Christmas home.


Click here for the 2013 homes.

Christmas lights

Wild Oak Survives Wild Oak Attack

It appears the huge tree’s roots just gave out.

On a rainy night last week, a century old wild oak came smashing down just feet away from crushing our canyon’s beloved Wild Oak Café.  We’re sad to see the grand old oak fall but the Wild Oak Café survived the near miss and served up breakfast that morning without missing a beat. Drop by and check out what’s left of the humongous stump! (Top right arrows for full size pix)

Photos of the CCEA Ice Cream Social – Bat Cave Tour

Free Ice Cream poster

Kids galore!  The CCEA’s ice cream social hosted out front of our Chevy Chase Library and Fire Station was grand old time.  Ice cream was gobbled up, and books enjoyed, but the star attraction turned out to be a tour of the famous Bat Cave, or Glendale Fire Station 23 as these photos below show.  Fantastic to see so many young children, our future readers, writers, and firefighters.  (Top right arrows for full size pix)

Ice Cream Social

Come One, Come All – Fire and Ice this Saturday the 22nd at our Library.

Free Ice Cream poster

The CCEA is again sponsoring an old-fashioned ice cream social at our very own Chevy Chase Library. There will be FREE ICE CREAM, books galore, and a tour of the BAT CAVE also known as the Chevy Chase Fire Station.

Ice Cream Social poster

New Chevy Chase SPEED LIMIT

New Speed Limit

25 MPH is now the law on Chevy Chase Drive.

Stop sign on Chevy Chase Dr. Glendale, CA

The speed limit has been moved back down from 30 to 25 mph as it had been not too long ago.  The five mile an hour slowing will mean less stress and danger for those trying to get into and out of their driveways on the busy road.  It will mean a safer street for homeowners, drivers, pedestrians, and wildlife.  As always, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

Chevy Chase Brush Clearance Day

We did it!  Watch us here!  With the help of Glendale Fire, The California Conservation Corps, The Glendale Youth Alliance, your neighbors and CCEA board members, we wacked that fire-fuel brush way, way back.  Thanks to Glendale for sponsoring this proactive community wildfire prevention day.  Everyone who pitched in made our city safer, and enjoyed grand day at a local mountain top.

Fight Chevy Chase Wildfire

Canyon Volunteers Needed – Saturday, August 20, 8 AM

Linda Vista / Figueroa streets Glendale, CA

Linda Vista at Figueroa Streets Glendale

Thanks to the tireless lobbying of the CCEA, Glendale Fire Department has chosen our Chevy Chase Canyon from a handful of local high-fire neighborhoods to do a multi-agency sponsored brush clearance.  But they need our help!  Come join your canyon neighbors this Saturday morning for a good old fashioned Community Brush Clearance Day.  We meet at Linda Vista and Figueroa Streets at 8 am.  Details below.

Glendale Brush Clearance Day