Neighborhood Watch in Chevy Chase Caynon

The concept of Neighborhood Watch is simple; watchful aware neighbors in contact with one another make it hard on crime.  All it requires is a volunteer block captain, a few neighbors to get together and share contact info, and you have a Neighborhood Watch.  And more than just stopping crime, as the recent windstorm shows, the ability to stay in touch with your neighbors is critical in emergency situations. With power out for days in parts of the canyon, even shared information on the pending repairs was needed and appreciated. Neighbors shared power cords and refrigerators.

Working in tandem with the newly instituted Eastern Command of the Glendale Police Department, the CCEA has helped organize 19 Neighborhood Watch Groups throughout our canyon.  Click here or on the map below to see which streets have active Watch Programs, and to find a roster of Block Captains.  If your street has yet to be included, The Chevy Chase Estates Association would like to help.  Please give Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Rafik Soukasians a call at 818-421-4079, or email him at  He’ll help get the ball rolling.


More info on Neighborhood Watch groups can be found here.

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