Pets and Coyotes

Protect Your Pets from Canyon Wildlife

lost dog poster

We sadly continue to notice the “lost pet” posters up and down the Canyon neighborhoods.  Living in our Canyon is indeed special, but we share it with wildlife and some of the wildlife can be harmful to dogs and cats.  We offer the following to help keep our pet friends safe.

  • Don’t let your dog or cat roam outside of the house.

  • Always leash your dog when on a walk.

  • Have your pet chipped, so it can be identified if found and turned over to a vet or the SPCA.

  • Consider attaching an AirTag style tracking device to your pet’s collar so they can be located via smart phone.

  • NEVER feed wildlife.

  • Don’t have pet food or water dishes outdoors.

  • Keep your yard clean of pet poop.

  • At your Vet’s advice, vaccinate your pet especially to guard against rabies from animal bites.

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