Secret Canyon Stairs Neighborhood Cleanup

Did you know there is a Secret Stairway in Chevy Chase Canyon?  It’s part of a city-owned path that connects Buckingham Rd. with Linda Vista Rd.

The stairs had all but disappeared under years of washed down dirt and leaves The city hadn’t cleaned for over 25 years, secret stairs are not high on their priority list.  Today a group of neighbors spent two hours trimming, shoveling, scraping and raking, and we unearthed the vanishing trail and stairs.  It all started with a post on Nextdoor dot com by Sarah Emery Bunn, a new canyon neighbor who wanted to know the story regarding some secret stone stairway she discovered out on a walk.  More people posted about the stairs and one thing led to another, and the decision was made to meet Saturday morning with tools in hand and rescue the stairs.  It was two hours of hard dirty work and everyone had a ball.  Our crew was made up of Sarah Emery Bunn, Susan Padilla, and two CCEA Directors, Zak Grausam, and Graeme Whifler.  And a special shout-out to Hilda Kelley who brought the crew water.  Photos below.

Click here for a map to the secret stairs.


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