Special Meeting

Hosted by the Chevy Chase Estates Association – for Canyon residents only.
Thursday March 19th, 6:30 pm at the Chevy Chase Country Club

Partial list of items to be discussed:

– Zone change
– Noise concerns
– Traffic concerns
– Public v. Private
– Conditions to be added to the project
– Project news

The purpose of this meeting is provide residents a forum in which they can gather information related to the pros and cons of Club changes that have been proposed so that they can make a more informed decision whether to encourage the City Council to deny or approve the Club’s proposal. No Club or City personnel will be involved in this discussion.

This special meeting hosted by the CCEA is for informational purposes only. It is not to be viewed as an opportunity to proselytize, harangue, recruit or otherwise convince anyone that a particular position is correct. If opinions differ, participants should adhere to the principle to agree to disagree. Anyone who does not agree to these terms should not attend, and if in attendance and cannot follow these rules, will be asked to leave.

This meeting is a community service of the Chevy Chase Estates Association to share information and project updates with all canyon residents.



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