The New Chevy Chase Country Club Clubhouse!


Click to see all the current renderings, plans, reports, history, and read the full CITY OF GLENDALE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT PLANNING COMMISSION STAFF REPORT, all 477 pages!

– The Chevy Chase Estates Association believes the renovation of the Chevy Chase Country Club as presented in this case is a winning proposition for Chevy Chase Canyon residents and the City of Glendale and therefore support the good faith efforts put forth by the owners and urge support by the City for its passage. –

Read the Glendale News Press story:

“The proposed expansion of the nearly 90-year-old Chevy Chase Country Club clubhouse won support from the city’s Design Review Board meeting Thursday evening, the first step toward gaining final approval to expand the structure by 20,795 square feet with the hopes of drawing in new members.” 

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