This Wed. the 11th of March.

Our Yearly Get Together With Friends and Neighbors.

Since 1937 your Chevy Chase Estates Association has hosted annual meetings for our members, and for everyone who calls Chevy Chase Canyon home.  The 83-year-old CCEA is the oldest association of homeowners in California and canyon residents can join for only $35 a year. 

Have you seen our Annual Meeting signs on the streets this year? 

annual meting 2020

This annual meeting will be a bit different.  We have once again invited Glendale Police and Fire for brief updates, but this meeting will be a tribute to our canyon with speakers talking about our canyon history, our canyon institutions, canyon secrets, and cool things many have never heard or seen.

Derby House Chevy Chase ca

Come all this Wednesday the 11th 2020 to join the CCEA at our annual celebration.  We will meet at the new Chevy Chase Country Club at 7:00 pm. 

Protecting and preserving our canyon for 83 years.

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