Victory, a beautiful Canyon hilltop saved!

IMG_0403The Chevy Chase Estates Association opposed development at 2920 Greenwich Road on the grounds that it blatantly violated Glendale’s Hillside Ordinance and testified to that fact at the Planning Department Hearing. The findings of that hearing have just been made public.

Planning Department Hearing Officer for the 2920 Greenwich Road project DENIED the building application! Objections were made to the grading plan:

“The proposed project will result in topping off of a knoll, as well grading across and into the ravine on the lot. This results in a significant alteration of terrain, the removal of a prominent natural feature and the loss of a natural hillside form.”

And the design was criticized:

“Additionally, the massing and bulk of the proposed house is inconsistent with the design guidelines intended to prevent the house from being individually a prominent feature of the landscape. … The rectangular volumes emphasize the boxiness of the design against the hillside [and the design does] not adequately address the Hillside Design Guidelines that encourage designs that follow the topography of the lot.”

The CCEA is glad the Hearing Officer decided to take an objective look and adhere to the Hillside Design Guidelines. We think residents will like hearing that the City is doing its job, and we’re keeping them honest.

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