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But why not go just one step further and help support the Chevy Chase Estates Association.  Besides creating and emailing canyon news and alerts, we have been safeguarding our beautiful canyon since 1937.  And we’ll never tell you what color to paint your house!

For just $35 a year you can become a member of the Chevy Chase Estates Association (CCEA) and join with your neighbors and fellow canyon residents to protect and preserve our beautiful and priceless canyon.  Not only will you be joining California’s oldest homeowner organization, become a vital member in an organization entrusted with protecting the value and beauty of this most unique canyon community.  And best of all, you’ll be on the guest list to our once a year members-only party. 
Please join us. 

– Hold the line against unwelcome Canyon development
– Support the Chevy Chase Library
– Support Neighborhood Watch in our Canyon
– Expedite solutions to Canyon residents’ complaints
– Preserve the Chevy Chase Canyon lifestyle


The Chevy Chase Estates Association has fought many battles to protect the value and beauty of the canyon.  Here are but five of the CCEA’s notable accomplishments.

  1. Stopped plans to develop Chevy Chase County Club into low income apartment housing.
  2. Stopped plans to turn a wide section of Chevy Chase Canyon into a cut and fill dump.
  3. Fought and stopped massive high density condo and townhouse developments.
  4. Kept the 2 Freeway from being routed down the center of the canyon.
  5. Lobbied to outlaw bow and arrow hunting in the canyon.

Click here to read how the Chevy Chase Estates Association has protected the canyon since 1937, and even before.