Wild Oak Survives Wild Oak Attack

It appears the huge tree’s roots just gave out.

On a rainy night last week, a century old wild oak came smashing down just feet away from crushing our canyon’s beloved Wild Oak Café.  We’re sad to see the grand old oak fall but the Wild Oak Café survived the near miss and served up breakfast that morning without missing a beat. Drop by and check out what’s left of the humongous stump! (Top right arrows for full size pix)


Wild Oak Survives Wild Oak Attack — 2 Comments

  1. This is due to the City’s incompetence and neglect of the canyon’s trees. Rather than do brush clearance and tree pruning, they would rather save money and hope there are no lawsuits filed against them later. Meanwhile, corrupt City official’s salaries are increasing.

  2. It is very sad that a beautiful tree had to fall because it was easy to protect it from falling down. Maybe it only needed some trimming to alleviate the weight on the old trunk. Now we cry…In the mean time there are many other trees on Chevy Chase Dr that are in the same peril. What is not understandable is why people that studied these trees don’t realize that like any other plants need real care. These are one of the strongest species. If after a trimming one dies must be for another reason and not for a needed pruning itself. Right now are not being trimmed and are falling down pretty often. Protected trees that are not being commercialized and are being inspected and pruned are not so easy to die or fall because of a few days of rain. Some times driving on Chevy Chase I wish I could take another street because some of those trees, or a big branch most likely will fall on any of us. And yes, the City should be responsible for all the Oaks upkeep since they don’t let homeowners to take care with so many prohibition. OK, maybe I am super sensitive on the matter because I am living of fear, when there is a strong wind or rain that the beautiful tree on my back yard would fall on my house with people inside. This tree was born after 1991 and grew really big and tall and practically on the air. Of course I’m worried, so is my neighbor. But I couldn’t trim it because the City guy believe the tree was 100 years old. At that time was about 6 or 7, now it grew much bigger. Now may be 1000 years to him. Now the branches exceed the max size for trimming as per the people I called to do the job the City allowed. Yea, I am sensitive. But I love trees, I like to drive to see and admire them. It pains me and I cry when I see them falling down specially because of the weight of some branches. Please cut those branches that look beautiful but are placing the trees and the people in danger.

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