Wildfire Survival in Chevy Chase Canyon

After two recent canyon fires and drought savaged land, we repost this critical and increasingly urgent message.

Deputy Fire Chief Robert Doyle with a Message to Chevy Chase Canyon

What Canyon residents can do BEFORE our next FIRE:

  • Fireproof your home.  Brush clearance, fire retardant landscaping, fire proof roofs, watch the video below.
  • Know evacuation routes for Chevy Chase Canyon – Ensure that your family is familiar with all possible evacuation routes.
  • If you have a home bound relative, and you are away from home during an evacuation call 911 to have that patient evacuated by emergency personnel.
  • Prepare an evacuation list of items to take and where they are in the case of an evacuation,(e.g., medication)
  • Video-tape with narration everything of value in your home for insurance purposes and for your personal records.
  • Cloud Storage.  Cloud storage for securing important documents, photos, calendars, contacts, and more.  Also, consider scanning critical documents that can be carried on a tiny thumb drive on your key chain.
  • Planned meeting spot. Have a preplanned place for family members to meet if all communication is down.
  • Official communication updates.  The City of Glendale’s official twitter, @MyGlendale,
    the city’s website and Facebook Page, Glendale TV-6, and CCEA emergency email alerts.

Critical and Important links, Click and Sign Up

  1. CCEA email news and emergency alerts!
  2. Glendale “Reverse 911”  Don’t forget to add your cell phone, get emergency notification when away.
  3. Glendale Police Department emergency email notification.
  4. Follow Glendale on Twitter.
  5. City of Glendale’s homepage.
  6. City of Glendale on Facebook.
  7. Neighbors of Chevy Chase Neighbors on Facebook.
  8. Next door.com


Humorous, smart, and tons of great tips from a JPL “rocket scientist”…

Click to read  – “Evacuation and Preparedness – a Personal Story By Leigh Torgerson, co-President Chevy Chase Estates Association”



Give your family a fighting chance in a wildfire!  Click to learn more from our Glendale Fire Department.


And finally, learn about two terrible fires that swept through our canyon in the past.  Click and go to page 25.

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