Your Voices Were Heard.

UPDATE – The DRB Upholds the Spirit of the Hillside Ordinance

Citing the Hillside Ordinance, The Design Review Board took issue with the siting of this project up on the hill with its apparent mass and has returned the project for redesign.  Thank you DRB for your clear understanding of the continued issues regarding this project and thank you, concerned residents, for emailing your concerns about this development.  Your voices were heard.

Three years ago the Glendale Planning Commission said NO to this proposed development because placement of the structure at this site would have compromised the forested hillside.

Two years later the developer came back, proposing a home ON THE EXACT SAME SPOT as was previously vetoed.  The Design Review Board again said NO to this development.  They suggested a small house at the bottom of the hill next to Laird Street would be acceptable, and the neighbors agreed.  Massing a huge house up on the hillside was an eyesore that violated the spirit of the Hillside ordinance.


And now the same developer is back with this for ROUND 3!  This third proposal drafted by architect number 3 moves the building site about 80 ft. west and lowers the height a few feet but, it’s still a massive structure almost twice size the neighborhood average, and it still towers over surrounding homes and encroaches upon a pristine hillside.   It’s still not the smaller home at the bottom the hill recommended by the DRB at last years hearing, nor the surrounding neighbors had agreed to.

At 5:00 pm this Thursday, December the 14th, the city’s Design Review Board (DRB) will approve or deny the construction of a new home on Laird Drive.  The CCEA and concerned neighbors have repeatedly opposed this project for 3 ½  years because its location behind and above existing homes would eliminate the privacy those homes have enjoyed for many years and would compromise the forested hillside that is part of the Chevy Chase Canyon charm.  Another reason this project should be denied is because of the precedent it would set for other developers who are not concerned about preserving the woodland character of the Canyon.  They are hoping for an opportunity to build on hillside areas that have historically been off limits.  If this project is allowed to move forward, they will get that opportunity.

You can help the effort to preserve the beauty of Chevy Chase Canyon by registering your objection to this project by letting the DRB know your position.

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